After-sales Service Letter of Commitment

Dear customer:

Thank you for choosing LED series products of Everbrite Opto Limited. In terms of the after-sales service, we promise as follows:


Theoretically, LED lights have a life span of 50000h, which refers to LED light source (namely, excluding power, shell and other parts of LED) rather than the light as a whole. Considering the characteristics of electronic components, the reliability of artificial processing and assembling as well as the turbulence of transportation, loading and unloading, the defect rate of the products which we sell in batch every year ranges from 3% to 5%, which is normal and acceptable (suggestion: the terminal user reserves additional 3% - 5% products as the spare parts).


Warranty: All products purchased in our company are guaranteed to enjoy two-year free warranty and life-long maintenance.

Note: The start date is subject to the invoice date accepted by both parties and the production date printed on the label. Due to factors like transportation period, free warranty period for products shall be 27 months from the production coding date. (Please provide the related receipt and invoice during the repair).

Principle: In the normal circumstances, if quality problems happen in guarantee period, our company will maintain for free. (To repair damage resulting from attempts by personnel other than authorized, our company only charges the cost). After the expiration of the Warranty Period, our company shall continue to assist in repairing the damaged parts at cost (also provide standard power and light source for paid replacement).

Time limit: The returned products are guaranteed to be repaired within 7 working days.

Responsibility Statement: Our company shall not cover the labor cost of dismantling lights, the freight expenses and other related cost.



Everbrite Opto Limited



 Everbrite Opto Limited reserves the right of final explanations.