Lighting Every Dream

Objectives for running the company : 
1. Offer innovative, attractive and convenient energy-saving lighting products and service for clients so as to improve their  living standard;
2. Create an enjoyable and relaxed working environment for all the staff so that they can engage in exciting and challenging work;
3. Advocate a low-carbon economy idea in society and push the energy-saving and environmental protection industry worldwide.

Our vision is to build a harmonious homeland:
1. For staff, we learn about their future plan, strengthen the training and cultivation and offer them a ideal platform to achieve their self-value; 
2. For clients, we pay close attention to their needs and engage in technical innovation , aiming to provide them with high-quality products;
3. For shareholders, we understand their expectation, make scientific decisions and management and return a huge profit to them;  
4. For society, we catch up with its themes of the times, run the company legally and make contributions; we endeavor in energy-saving and environmental protection industry and foster a good and healthy company image.


Our mission is to become the best solution-solving provider for global business lighting system, which could contribute to energy-saving and environmental protection industry:
1. Bring in and cultivate talented person and supply them with good platform for development;
2. Continuously innovate in technology and make improvements in quality;
3. Make continual improvement, strive for excellence and offer clients the best welding materials and value-added services;
4. Develop businesses with rapidness and also steadiness to reach scale effects;
5. Enhance efficiency to come up to world-class technology standards;
6. Achieve “all-win” situation for staff, customers, investors and cooperators.  


Our core values:
1. Gratefulness:EVERBRITE is a big family; we feel very grateful to all the staff and the society; we are thankful to everything;
2. Trust and respect: customers and staff are forever-faithful friends of EVERBRITE, for which  we need to serve them with our deep gratitude:
    1) We not only afford products with the best quality to clients, but also offer them valuable services, hoping to get trusted;
    2) We treat staff friendly and regard them as family members;
3. Cooperation: the success of a company depends on a team, not just one person;
4. Details-concerned: Success depends on the details, thus we need to try our best to do everything, avoiding unnecessary mistakes;
5. Being dedicated, striving for excellence and pursuing perfect in everything;
6. Out maxim is lighting every dream:
    Work hard for a better life; 
    Improve ourselves for embracing happiness; 
    Meanwhile, be vigilant in peace time and become an diligent person.


Our principles and tenets of personnel selection: 
1. Use the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones;
2. Combine career prosperity and personal development together.


Wish every new member of EVERBRITE can
1. Be well-adjusted, diligent, hard-working and keep on going;
2. Abide by stipulated rights and obligations in the company;
3. Get along well with colleagues and treat them as family members;
4. Be persistent in pursuit of career, together with EVERBRITE, grow up, develop and eventually be successful.

Ever contribute to energy-saving, environmental protection business.
Ever consider reducing production cost and improving production efficiency.
Ever develop competitive products that meet with the market.
Ever build a harmonious, comfortable and active atmosphere in company.